Robert must be down there on the Rio Grande panning hearts and souls out of the dirty water. He's like a blue-collar Borges, and SCORES is a labyrinth of a thing: all twisted with violence and empathy and hallelujahs. I suggest you all get lost in it.
        SCOTT MCCLANAHAN, author of Crapalachia and The Sarah Book

Robert Moreira wins the game with this one. SCORES is tops, a first-rate collection by a major talent, so skilled, so heartfelt in his explorations of loneliness, relationships, guilt, pride, and being alive. He has assembled a majestic collection of readable, moving stories.

        STEPHEN D. GUTIERREZ, author of ​​Live From Fresno y Los

These 14 pieces are up-close snapshots of lives made hard by broken promises, bad luck, benighted choices, and accidents of birth. Yet amid the squalor and despair, hope blossoms bravely, thrusting up through the cracks of a blue-collar world, and Moreira's deft pen reveals his smirking compassion for the souls that litter these pages.

        DAVID BOWLES, author of Border Lore and The Smoking Mirror​