DIG (Frayed Edge Press, 2022)

SCORES (Broken River Books, 2015)

¡ARRIBA BASEBALL! (Editor; VAO Publishing, 2013)


Centaurs (The Canopy Review, 2019)

You’ll Hit It Over Anzalduas Bridge (Cobalt Baseball Issue, 2018)

The Runner (Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, 2018)

Dig (Azahares Literary Magazine, 2018)

The Lighthouse (Aethlon: the Journal of Sports Literature, 2015)

Shoes (Left Hand of the Father, 2013)

Chiles Rellenos (Southwestern American Literature, 2013)

Beneath the Encino (Along the River II, VAO Publishing, 2012)

License (Bluestem, 2012)

You’ll Hit It Over Anzalduas Bridge (SOL: English Writing in Mexico, 2011)

The Head (San Antonio Current, 2011)

Tunguska (Emprise Review, 2011)

Foreclose (Monkeybicycle, 2011)

A History (322 Review, 2010)

Dick Tea (Metazen, 2010)

Cobb and Me (Aethlon: the Journal of Sports Literature, 2010)

Rabbit Booger (Interstice Literary Journal, 2010)

Scores (Storyglossia, 2010)

Hollywood Ends (Dark Sky Magazine, 2010)

Born in Blood (Breakwater Review, 2010)

The Change (Bartleby Snopes, 2009)

Rats (The Acentos Review, 2009)

The Chac-Mool (Interstice Literary Journal, 2009)

Submitted or In-Progress
Matador (short story)

The Super (short story)

BITS/BYTES (chapbook)
COME TO BED (story collection)
DIDYMUS (novel)